38 Witnesses

Film stills

Kiekvieną kartą, kai į mane pažvelgi,

prasideda mano teismas.


Louise returns home to discover that while she was away on business in China her street was the screen of a crime. There were no witnessess. Everybody was asleep. Apparently. Pierre, Louise‘s husband, was at work. Apparently. As days go by, Louise learns that thirty-eight people saw or heard something. That Pierre was home that night. He heard. He saw. One of thirty eight, keeping silent, lying... One of thirty eight, her husband.




Rotterdam Internation Film Festival – opening film.


Lucas Belvaux

Lucas Belvaux was born in Belgium in 1961. In 1979, he moved to Paris to become an actor. A year later, his performance as the lead in Yves Boisset’s Allons z’enfants launched his career. In the next ten years, Lucas worked with directors such as Jacques Rivette, Claude Chabrol, Claude Goretta, Olivier Assayas and Marco Ferreri. In 1991, he made his directorial debut, Parfois trop d’amour, but it was with Just for Laugh! in 1996 that he made his name as a director.