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A strange, enigmatic and decadent white European with diplomatic credentials arrives in the CAR to head a diplomatic mission representing Liberia. Officially he is there as a do-good businessman to start a factory that produces matches – this, to employ locals and teach how to make this simple piece of fire-making equipment. Unofficially he is there to gain access to vast reserves of diamonds. The Ambassador is a genre-breaking, tragic comedy about the bizarre and hidden world of African diplomacy, where gin-tonics flow on a daily basis and diamond hustlers and corrupt politicians run free.

Sundance Film Festival – in competition World Cinema – Documentary; Robert Awards – Best Documentary.

Mads Brügger

Mads Brügger (1972) is a Danish journalist, TV-host, author and filmmaker. He has written several books, worked for magazines and newspapers, produced award winning radio programmes and hosted the critically acclaimed TV-programmes. Furthermore, he has created satirical docu-series as Danes for Bush (2004) and the feature-length documentary, The Red Chapel (winner at Sundance Film Festival). Brügger is renowned for his distinctive methods of “performative journalism” as he infiltrates various milieus.