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Lankiau mokyklą Trumsėje, savo gimtajame mieste, ir tik pradėjau klausti savęs, kuo tapsiu. Neprisimenu, kad būčiau sugalvojęs geresnį atsakymą nei būti Bradu Pittu.

What if you would take a break from the rollercoaster called life and just sit and ask yourself: how did I get here? And how do you keep going, even if you know that at some point the sun will burn out and everything around you will be gone forever? Blending brutally honest admissions, meditative reflections and a portion of humour Ole Giæver takes us on an expedition to plumb the depths of human existence.


Berlin film festival – “Panorama”

Ole Giæver

Ole Giæver studied film at the Nordland Art- and Film College from 1999-2001, before moving on to the Konstfack Art Academy in Stockholm, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. He directed several short films before making his debut as a feature film director with The Mountain in 2011.