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Summer in the GDR in 1980. Barbara, a doctor, has submitted an application to emigrate to the West. She is punished by being posted away from the capital to a hospital in a small town. Jörg, her lover in the West, is busy planning her escape via the Baltic Sea. Her new flat, neighbours, summer and the countryside no longer hold any charms for her. Although she is attentive to her young patients under her new boss, André, she is deliberately cool to her colleagues. André confuses her. First there’s his unshakable faith in her professional abilities, then there’s way he cares, and his winning smile. Barbara begins to lose her grip on herself, her plans and her heart.

Berlin Film Festival – in competition, Silver Bear – Best Director; German Film Awards – Outstanding Feature Film, nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Direction, Best Editing, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, Best Screenplay, Best Sound; European Film Awards – nominated for Best European Film.

Christian Petzold


Christian Petzold was born in 1960, studied German and theater studies at the Free University in Berlin, then graduated from the German Film and Television Academy (DFFB) in 1994. Petzold is one of the leading directors in New German cinema. The German Film Critics Association has twice awarded him Best Film awards (for Ghosts and The State I Am In). He was twice named Best Director at the German Film Awards (for the psychological drama Wolfsburg and The State I Am In).