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Groti grupėje ar šokti iš dešimties metrų aukščio galima tik dėl vienos priežasties – merginų.

Four teenage boys are growing up in Oslo at the time when Beatle-mania hits Norway. Kim, Gunnar, Ola and Seb each take on one of the Fab Fours names, and they plan to start their own outfit, The Snafus. Like many teenage dreams, this one never comes to fruition, but the need to save up for instruments becomes the drive behind much of what they do as they blunder through their formative years, struggling with archaic textbooks and ancient teachers, discovering girls, being beaten up by rival gangs, experimenting with alcohol, and finding their footing as activists.


Riverside International Film Festival – Audience Award for Best Feature Film, Jury Award for Best Feature Film; Amanda Awards, Norway – nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Production Design; selected for Göteborg International Film Festival.

Peter Flinth

Peter Flinth, born in 1964 in Denmark, graduated from The Danish Film School in 1993. In addition to TV shows and movies, he directed numerous commercials and short films. His feature film debuted in 1997 with the critically acclaimed medieval adventure Eye of the Eagle, which received no less than five Robert prices. He has since directed two films for young audiences, the Olsen Gang Junior (2001) and the award-winning film adaptation The Fakir (2004). After the three children’s films, he turned to Sweden, where in 2005 he directed the Wallander crime novel Master Mind and then led the large-scale temple dispute saga of Arn, who minted in two feature films.