In Between

Film stills

Iš tiesų tai visiškai nereikia pinigų ir nieko panašaus.

Žmonės nevertina to, ką ir taip turi.

Kristi is an Estonian Muslim with Arab roots. She is a humanitarian worker at Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. People there have lost their homes and loved ones, but despite all that they seem surprisingly positive. Meanwhile, life in Estonia proceeds at its own pace. There the human condition poses quite a different challenge. Somewhere in between there is peace.

Liis Lepik

Liis Lepik, born in 1984, is an Estonian documentary filmmaker. She has studied Social and Cultural Anthropology in Tallinn University, supplemented her studies in Visual Anthropology in Free University of Berlin and holds a Master’s Degree on Documentary Film Directing from Baltic Film and Media School. She founded a production company Kultusfilm OÜ in 2011. L. Lepik is a member of Estonian Documentary Guild since 2012. In Between is her second movie.