Film stills

Tu pameni, kai mes vaikystėj žaisdavom ką nors? Ir kai tu vasaros gale išvažiuodavai, ir tiktai po metų grįždavai, mes tęsdavom tą patį žaidimą, nuo tos vietos, kur baigėm prieš metus.

Two young people, old friends Olivija and Matas, go on a kayak trip in late autumn. Neither is aware of each other’s plans and everything works out just fine until one of them says I Love You. As the kayak seems to be as fragile as their friendship they now have to face wild nature and their choices.

Austėja Urbaitė

Austėja Urbaitė was born in 1991 in Vilnius. Graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre as a Film Director in 2014. In her filmography there are 4 shorts, one of which, The Etude, premiered in “New Baltic Cinema” in 2013.