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Mūsų žodžiai pasiversdavo trikampiais, kvapais, laukiniais žvėrimis bei paukščiais.

Conversations is the face-to-face experiences two people share, one relatively young and the other less so; it’s the face-to-face interactions of people in love. Couples from two generations live in their own individual contexts but they do come up against the same problems, and they deal with their feelings in a similar fashion. The heroes seek to understand one another, and try to find themselves in one another, but every generation has to come up with it’s own worldview.

Andrius Šarapovas

The scope of Andrius Šarapovas’ (born in 1980) creative interests is broad. His body of work is comprised of inter-disciplinary art projects, cine-dance, video art, music videos, and music for a selection of diverse projects. The artist’s works have been shown in various international and domestic festivals.