Deminas: Two Towers

Film stills

Tu, pavyzdžiui, įsijunk kokį video ir pažiūrėk, kaip atrodo susigundžiusio žmogaus veidas.

Nu ir po to pažiūrėk į veidrodį, kaip tavo atrodo.

Two brothers and their cousin are preparing an etude based on Lord Of The Rings. Patrik finds it hard to concentrate, Robert is teasing Demin and Demin himself is head over heels trying to explain the secrets of stage art to his younger relatives. He is trying to encourage and motivate them but after this plan turns out to be unseccessful starts manipulation games. In the end, however, nothing trully helps and the big day of premiere is coming.

Akvilė Gelažiūtė

Akvilė Gelažiūtė (born in 1990) grew up in a small village Kerai. In 2010 started studying Film Directing in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. During 2012–2014 she created 3 short films: Best in Department (2012), I Love You, Damn It (2013), There Was No Holy Mary, Mary (2014). In 2015 A. Gelažiūtė graduated, Deminas: Two Towers is her Master’s diploma work and feature film debut.