Diaz – Don’t Clean up This Blood

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Pasaulis jus mato!


In 2001, on the last day of the G8 summit in Genoa, just before midnight, more than 300 police officers stormed the Diaz school, looking for black bloc demonstrators. Inside the school were 90 activists, mostly students from around Europe along with a handful of foreign journalists, preparing to bunk down for the night on the floor. As the police burst in, the young demonstrators raised their hands to surrender. Undeterred and unmoved, the officers unleashed a calculated frenzy of violence, beating both young and old, male and female indiscriminately


International Berlin Film Festival – selected for Panorama programme; International Karlovy Vary Film Festival – selected for Horizons programme; Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists – Silver Ribbon for Best Editing, Best Producer, Best Sound, nominated for Best Director, Best Scenography, Best Score, Best Screenplay.

Daniele Vicari


Daniele Vicari was born in Collegiovo in Italy in 1967. He studied history and film studies at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome and subsequently began working as a film critic. He has made a name for himself for his documentary films on political and ecological topics. His feature film debut Maximum Velocity received David di Donatello Award at the Venice film festival.