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1918, Piave. Klaus Schneider is wounded on his head. His doctor, Bettelheim discovers that the lance sergeant is able to provoke hypnosis and this could be exploited for the purpose of healing. Captain Nowotny, a former director of variety wants to take advantage of the ability of Schneider in show programs and he takes him to Vienna. Schneider here achieves ever greater success under the name Hanussen. He goes to Berlin with his escort and becomes the Prophet there.



Cannes Film Festival – selected for competition; Oscar Awards – nominated for Best Foreign Language Film; European Film Awards – nominated for Best Actor; Golden Globes – nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.

István Szabó

Born in 1938 Budapest, István Szabó graduated as a film director from Hungary’s Academy of Art of Theatre and Film. Szabó has won worldwide acclaim from both critics and audiences, not only for the extraordinary beauty of his impressive slate of films, but also for the historic and contemporary importance of the messages that they carry within their social and political themes. His signature film trilogy consists of Mephisto (1981, winner of an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and a Cannes Award for the Best Screenplay), Colonel Redl (1984, winner of a Jury Prize at the Cannes Festival) andHanussen (1988). He made a switch to English-language films withMeeting Venus (1991), Sunshine (1999), Taking Sides (2001).