King Curling

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Kerlingas – tai milimetrų žaidimas.

Once a great curling star, Truls Paulsen is diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and banned from competition. But when he learns that his old friend and coach Gordon is on his deathbed, Truls, heavily-medicated decides to compete again, in the hopes of winning money for Gordon to have an operation in the US. Truls stops taking the meds and tries to convince his old team mates that he is mentally stable enough to lead them to victory in the Norwegian Curling Championship. But, is it a good sign that he obsessively insists his teammates pull their zippers all the way up before they can play?



Rotterdam International Film Festival – presented in Bright Future programme

Ole Endresen


Ole Endresen has for many years worked in Norwegian television. He wrote and directed several acclaimed comedy series. Ole has also directed many advertisements. King Curling marks Endresens debut as a feature film director.