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Kai daugybė vorų susivienija, kad numegztų vieną bendrą tinklą, jie net liūtą gali supančioti.

Ephraim is a young Ethiopian boy. His father leaves him and his sheep, from which he is inseparable, to be looked after by distant relatives, far from his drought-ridden homeland. Ephraim isn‘t very good at farming, but he has a hidden talent: he is an excellent cook. One day, his uncle tells him that they have to sacrifice his sheep for the next religious feast. The young boy, however, is ready to do anything to save his only friend and return home.
Cannes Film Festival – in Un Certain Regard competition, nominated for Golden Camera prize.

Yared Zeleke

Yared Zeleke was born in Ethiopia in 1978. He studied cinema at New York University, majoring in Writing and Directing. He worked for a number of NGOs in the United States, Ethiopia, Namibia, and Norway, before embarking on a directing career. He has written, produced, directed and edited several short documentary and fiction films. In Ethiopia, he edited documentaries for United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Director‘s debut Lamb is the first Ethiopian film to have premiered in Cannes.