The Legend of Kaspar Hauser

Film stills

Aš esu Kasparas Hauzeris!

Muzika – mano narkotikas!


We are on a deserted and abandoned island, in a dimension without either place or time. A body, floating in the sea, comes to a beach: it is Kaspar Hauser, the heir to the throne of island, who disappeared for obscure reasons. His mind is apparently disturbed or lacking in clarity. The boy is cared for by the Sheriff of the island, who gives him a place to stay in the old jail. Unfortunately his stay will not last long, as he will soon be dead and will return to the place where he came from: the sea.

Rotterdam Iternational Film Festival – selected for Spectrum programme.

Davide Manuli

Davide Manuli was born in 1967 in Milan. He studied in New York, at the Actors Studio and Lee Strasberg Institute. He was assistent of Al Pacino and Charly Laughton for Chal Productions. Davide Manuli is an actor, director and writer. In 1996 he published poetic-photographic book My Incapacity to Stay in the World. His first feature film Beket was premiered in Locarno film festival and won the Independent Critics‘ award. The Legend of Kaspar Hauser is his second feature film.