The Master

Film stills

The Master is based on the short story Popi and Huhuu by Estonian author Friedebert Tuglas and tells a story of a dog Popi and a monkey named Huhuu, who are waiting for their master to come home. But one day it becomes clear that he’s not going to. From that day their mutual lives begin. While actually smarter and stronger than his simian companion, Popi capitulates to every one of Huhuu’s whims in a show of obedience and subservience. Huhuu meanwhile becomes a symbol of debauchery and lunacy.

Riho Unt

Riho Unt, born in 1956, was graduated in Department of Interior Designer from Estonian State Institute of Arts. He has been working in animation since 1983. During 1983–2015 period Riho created 23 animations. His work includes Happy Birthday (2012), North Dragon (2007), Miriam and the Flood (2006), Brothers Bearheart (2005), Having Soul (2001). Riho holds classes, workshops and animation courses. He has taken part in several group exhibitions and has had a few individual retrospectives.