Naked Harbour

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Mes visi norime būti geidžiami, visiems reikia prisilietimų.

Mes visi norime jausti. Visi norime meilės.

Set in a suburb by the same name, Vuosaari is an episodic feature of today´s Finland. Vuosaari is the last stop on the metro line, the beginning and the end of a journey. The film´s intertwined stories are about families and individuals, children and adults. They all need to be loved and touched.

Aku Louhimies

Aku Louhimies was born in 1968. Studied at the University of Helsinki before switching to the department of Film and TV at University of Art and Design Helsinki. He has also studied at the Theatre Academy of Finland. His feature debut was Restless (2001), followed by Lovers and Leavers (2002). He has also directed comedy, drama and documentaries for Finish television. His films Restless, Frozen City and Frozen Land screened at Scanorama.