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Žinai, kas bus, jei apie tai kas nors sužinos. Žmonės žiauresni už šunis.

The lives of a wealthy married couple change in an instant on one night. Under strange circumstances, the man is found on the street in critical condition. While he is fighting for his life, his wife tries to understand what happened and to salvage what she can. The director paints a vivid picture of the heroine’s internal drama on a more universal level, he also critically explores the influence of social opinion and the news media upon our lives.

Damjan Kozole

Damjan Kozole (b. 1964) is a Slovenian director and screenwriter. At 22 he shot his first dramatic picture The Fatal Telephone Call (1987), considered the first independent film shot in the former Yugoslavia. He has a number of documentaries, shorts, and features to his credit, many of which attained honors at international festivals.