The Orheim Company

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Kodėl tu turi lyginti marškinius?

Būk feministė, mama.

Jarle is 24 when a phone call rouses him from his drunken sleep. It is his mother, telling him that his father is dead. Instead of sadness, Jarle is filled with anger and a sense of relief. The Orheim Company is a strong, human tale about a boy growing up with an alcoholic father, but also an energetic story about teenage lust, pain and passion – about liberation and redemption.

Amanda Awards – Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, nominated for Best Film, Best Directing, Best Screenplay; Gothenburg International Film Festival – Best Nordic Film.


Arild Andresen

Arild Andresen (b. 1967) has directed in excess of 100 commercials for the Moland Film Company since 1999, and has received numerous national and international awards for his work in this field. Andresen also worked on other productions before making his debut as a feature film director. He directed several short films before his feature debut The Liverpool Goalie (2010). The Orheim Company is his second feature film.