Film stills

Gyvenu nuolatinėje baimėje,

tarsi būčiau tiksinti bomba.


This sensitive long-term documentary portrays the timid archeology student Sven who is one of the first pedophiles to face the camera without a pixelated face and distorted voice to openly talk about his difficult struggle against his forbidden desires.

Selected for International Linz Film Festival Crossing Europe.

Sebastian Meise, Thomas Reider

Sebastian Meise was born in 1976. He studied painting and philosophy before switching to film directing at Vienna Film Academy. He made several shorts. Together with Thomas Reider, he made feature film Still Life and documentary Outing. Both films screen at Scanorama 2012.

Thomas Reider was born in 1980. He studied script writing and dramaturgy at the Vienna Film Academy. He works as a screenwriter in Vienna.