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Kodėl tau rūpi, ar aš su kuo nors susitikinėju? Kas tau darbo?

Ar aš klausinėju? Pats norėjai atvirų santykių. Tai dabar ir turi.

Jovan, an occasional student and a womanizer, starts dating Maja casually. Slowly, her mysterious and shady behavior intrigues him. Following videos and clues over the social networks, Jovan finds indications of Maja’s parallel life. In the web of lies, pride, jealousy and passionate sex, Jovan loses himself only to find who Maja really is.
Kanų kino festivalis – „Auksinės kameros“ nominacija; Sarajevo kino festivalis – geriausio filmo nominacija.

Pavle Vučković

Pavle Vučković was born in 1982 in Belgrade, Serbia and graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, Film and TV Directing Department. He has been awarded at the Cinéfondation competition of Cannes Film Festival for his short films Run Rabbit Run (2003) and Minus (2007). Run Rabbit Run was shown in various festivals and is included in the collection of the New York Museum of Modern Arts and was screened at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the London Tate Modern. Beyond those short films, he makes music videos, commercials and TV shows. Panama is his feature debut.