Pervert Park

Film stills

Pasaulis pilnas žmonių, kurie norėtų su mumis susidoroti. Pilna tokių, kurie nori mus nuteisti tiesiog gatvėje, kurie išgėrę nusprendžia susidoroti su „kūdikių prievartautojais“, kaip jie mus vadina.

Florida Justice Transitions is home to 120 convicted sex offenders. Like in many other U.S. states, sex offenders are not allowed to live within 1000 feet of places frequented by children. Because of this, many sex offenders live under bridges or in woods – or in the trailer park Florida Justice Transitions – also known as Pervert Park. The crimes committed by the residents range from simple misdemeanors to horrendous acts unbearable to contemplate. The characters in Pervert Park are all fighting their own very different battles and demons. In this film they tell us their stories as they have never told them before.


Sundance Film Festival – in World Documentary competition, Special Jury Prize; Goteborg International Film Festival – nominated for Best Nordic Documentary; CPH:DOX Film Festival – nominated for Nordic Dox Award.

Frida Barkfors, Lasse Barkfors

Frida Barkfors was born in Sweden. One of the youngest ever to get accepted into the National Film School of Denmark, she studied in the Directing Fiction Programme. Her graduation film, Tick Tick Boom (2009), won the Laterna Nordica, was nominated at Nordisk Panorama and was chosen by the National Film School to compete for the Student Academy Award.

Lasse Barkfors, for his part, graduated of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. His first works fell into the category of Video Art.

Pervert Park is couple’s first full-length documentary.