Film stills

Marta hauls a piano home from a shop thats sells used musical instruments. She almost succeeds. Albert tries for the thirtieth year already to tell Paula that he loves her. He almost succeeds. Paula wants to respond to Albert in the same vein. She almost succeeds. Police commissioner Kits has dreamed of parachuting all his life, Mirjam wants to become a circus artist and a simple honeybee tries to get out past a closed window. They all almost succeed.

Kaspar Jancis

Kaspar Jancis was born in 1975 in Tallinn. He has been interested since childhood in drawing comic strips and writing stories for which he made illustrations himself. Besides drawing Kaspar was interested in music. In 1996 he enrolled at the Tallinn Pedagogical University and soon finished his first two short films. He transferred from the Pedagogical University to the Turku Arts and Media School in Finland in 1997 to study Animation. His films Crocodile (2010) and Villa Antropoff (2010) were selected for New Baltic Cinema competition.