Polar Party

Film stills

Nu jeigu nuoga graži, tai, vadinasi, negražiai rengiuos.

Simas wakes up – hungover, as usual – only to find his ex-girlfriend at his doorstep. Later on his best friend Vacys comes over as well. The friends suddenly find themselves at the never-ending party of life, in the background of which their loves, ex-loves and present friendships take form and shine through. This is an excerpt from the lives of three young people, a story about indecision and attempts to understand all the rights and wrongs in life.

Domas Petronis

Domas Petronis was born in 1992 in Vilnius. He graduated from Vilnius Užupis Gymnasium and went to study in Berlin. After two years of Film and Media Studies at Freie Universität Berlin he quit and got back to Vilnius to study Film Directing at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Currently D. Petronis works in film and advertising field as a director and editor. Polar Party is his fifth short film.