The River Used to Be a Man

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A young German travels through a country in Africa. He meets an old fisherman near a river, who takes him deep into the wilderness in his wooden boat. The next morning he finds himself alone in the middle of an endless delta. Here his intimate battle with death, his fears and perceptions of the outside world begins. After days of drifting through the wilderness, he arrives in a very isolated village, far away from civilization. But his odyssey is not over yet. His continuous loss of control leads him further into a world far beyond his comprehension.

Jeonju Film Festival – Audience Award; CrossingEurope Film Festival Linz – in competition;  International Rotterdam Film Festival – selected for Bright Future programme.

Jan Zabeil

Jan Zabeil was born 1981 in Berlin, Germany. He studied cinematography at the University of Film and Television in Potsdam. With his short films he received several awards in national and international festivals. He works as cinematographer and director in Berlin. The River Used to Be a Man is his feature film debut.