Film stills

- Čia bus Lenkija! Su tavim arba be tavęs!

- Tokia Lenkija? Tada be manęs, drauguži



Summer 1945. Right after the end of World War II, Tadeusz, a Polish soldier whom the war has deprived of everything, arrives in Masuria, a German territory before the war but granted to Poland afterwards. There he finds Rose, a widow of a German soldier whose death he had witnessed. All alone on a large farm she gives Tadeusz a cold reception, nevertheless she puts him up for the night. Though reluctant to admit it, she needs protection from the looters who pester the farm. Against the background of a landscape devastated by the war, love is born between the two from two disparate worlds..



Warsaw Film Festival – Grand Prix; Gdynia Film Festival - Critics’ Award, Audience Award, Best Actor; European Film Awards – nominated for Best Film.

Wojciech Smarzowsk

Wojciech Smarzowski was born in 1963. He graduated of the Cinematography and TV Production Faculty in the Łódź Film School. He has videos, commercials, TV theater performances and movie series under his belt. Rose is his fourth feature.