Sea, No Sex and Sun

Film stills

Pirma mano laisva vasara per dvidešimt penkerius metus.

Alex, aged 20, has a summer job at the tennis club and is making the most of being footloose and free. Guillaume, 35, has come on holiday with his wife and daughter to the place where he spent idyllic summers when he was young. Pierre, 50 and recently divorced, is vacationing with his two kids, hoping to rebuild his bond with them. The film follows the tribulations of three men of different generations wrestling with their amorous desires and the difficulties of sating them.

Christophe Turpin

Christophe Turpin started in the film industry as a writer. He wrote several scripts and won in 2007 the Jacques Prevert Award for the Best Original Scenario for film Jean-Philippe. Jean-Philippe has also been nominated in the same category at the 32nd Cesar Ceremony. In 2012, he decided to go behind the camera and directed his first movie Sea No Sex and Sun, writing the script as wel