Ką man pasakot? Kaip aš čia dirbu?

Pusė Lietuvos tą patį šūdą kabina.


We are making a film about Lithuanian migrant working men in Sweden. They do not want to be on camera, they do not want to participate in one more media image for guilt and pity. They film us; we empty a bottle of moonshine, we dance on their porch. They might let us film them tomorrow. Second Class is a time document about class and respect, value of work and human in 2012. In search of genuine meetings and specific images most clearly expressing the state of life of migrant working men, the way we experience it, political, social, existential and private aspects take form through our own representation in the film. The power of depicting, a mixture between high and low, the politically incorrect and the loving.


Marta Dauliūtė

Marta Dauliūtė was born in 1984 in Šiauliai, Lithuania. Bachelor of Fine Arts in film composition at Gothenburg Film Academy, 2008. Since then, she is working as both film director and producer in close collaboration with Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall. Since 2012, head of the board of Swedish Independent Filmmakers’ Association.