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The film tells the story of “sinful love” between a brother and a sister. For 18-year-old Tadek, his older sister Anka is the only love. Headless of the moral and social consequences, he wants to prove worthy of this forbidden love. Anka, also emotionally broken, in an unhappy relationship with the boss of the local Neo-Nazis, finds it difficult to reject her brother’s adoration. She needs love and warmth as bad as he does.

International Karlovy Vary Film Festival – in competition East of the West; Gdynia Film Festival – in competition.

Filip Marczewski

Filip Marczewski was born in Łódź in 1974. Graduate of the interdepartmental humanities studies at the University of Warsaw and film directing at the Łódź Film School. Author of short films and documentary films, recipient of many awards from film festivals all around the world. Recipient of the Ministry of Culture scholarship. Nominated for a student Oscar for his short film Melodrama in 2006. Shameless is his first feature film.