Time of My Life

Film stills

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Thomas and Mario are friends for life. Mario is fiercely ambitious and combative young man, with a loud mouth, and big theatrical plans for an exciting future, great in every way. When his political career is about to get under steam, he is suddenly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At first he tries to take it all with courage under sense of humor that is his. But pretty soon he finds out the aggressive nature of his disease. Very early on he is clearly on one thing: he plans to go on as long as his body will carry him. And for as long as it‘s fun. Confronted with a prospect of very slowly decaying body, and even worse a faltering mind, Mario starts his quest to try and get euthanasia out of a penal system.

Ramdam Film Festival – Audience Award

Nic Balthazar

Nic Balthazar was born in 1964 in Beglium. Studied literature and theatre. At the age of 21 he started working as theatre critic, later he worked as presenter and producer in radio and TV. In 2007 he made his first film Ben X. Time of My Life is his second feature film.