Film stills

Bijūnų sniegas, dar vadinamas sniego žiedų šuoru; maltų ryžių sniegas,

Būgnų sniegas – kruša; putų sniegas, sniego koldūnai.


In the Japanese region Echigo, the locals live with and under the heavy snow fall half of the year. Because of this they have developed their own customs of everyday life, festivals, and religious rituals. In a poetic way Ulrike Ottinger leads us into the reality of the snow landscape with its beauty and austere living conditions, follows the mythical tracks of the “gods of paths and roads” and mountain spirits, and places us within the fairytale world of a beautiful fox and her lover.

Ramdam film festival – Audience Award. Presented in Jerusalem International Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival, New Horizons Film Festival Wroclaw.

Ulrike Ottinger

Ulrike Ottinger was born in 1942 in Germany. She studied painting and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. She studied ethnology, religious studies and history of art at the Sorbonne. After moving to Berlin in 1973, she started making films. She became famous for her experimental work Madame X: An Absolute Ruler (1977). She is an universal artist: director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, stage designer, costume designer, painter and photographer. Her inspirations are drawn from feminism, surrealism, kitsch, German underground culture, and also Eastern civilisation and psychology