About NBK


“New Baltic Cinema” (NBC) is a Baltic (Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian) short film competition program, which blends well in the map of the European Film Forum SCANORAMA. The aim of this 10-year-old program is to push and promote young cinema professionals and present new talents as well as daring and innovative ideas from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. “New Baltic Cinema” is a reflection of the tendencies, searches, themes and actual problems in the Baltic cinema.

Only short films (max 35 min. long) participate in the competition program “New Baltic Cinema”, therefore, the narrative and the main idea behind the films are usually focussed, laconic and authentic. The program does not have any genre restrictions and seeks to present fictional and documentary as well as animated films. The main criteria of the competition program are the film’s artistic value and professionalism. “New Baltic Cinema” is one of the most important programs of the European Film Forum SCANORAMA, which aims to search for the tendencies in the Baltic cinema and to look at the work of young artists in both the Baltic and the European context.

The short film competition program “New Baltic Cinema” seeks not only to find, but also to encourage the best Baltic talents. Awards will be presented to the best film of competition and the best Lithuanian film.


“New Baltic Cinema” contacts:

E-mail: nbk@scanorama.lt