Dear fellows!

Dear fellows!

This year, not only does Scanorama encourage us to rejoice at the newest and the most memorable European films but also to enjoy quality cinema. We invite our viewers to join us at revealing the meaning under the surface of stories and plot twists, we invite them to rediscover directors, films and to sense how nowadays artistic reflections nod in the direction of works of cinematic history.

Time challenges films and questions both the universality and depth of creator‘s ideas. In this regard, the films of centenary cinematic giant Ingmar Bergman are reborn after a half of century of their creation. Their longevity is not hard to explain – they discuss something that none of us escapes: the search for the meaning of life, the twists of inter-personal relationships, the discoveries of believes and death itself. The director delved into these everlasting concepts from the very first films until the last strokes in his work, therefore, not by accident, they echo in the programme of Northern Retro with different variations of Ingmar Bergman’s voice. Humour combined with deep dramatic nature forms a harmonious unity in A Somewhat Gentle Man, You, the Living and Noi the Albino. Films like Open Hearts, Dog Nail Clipper and Angels of the Universe, full of gentle and rather quiet spirit of tragedy, interpret Bergman’s idea about the moral voids. In the Northern cinema, the man-woman relationship is still dominated by a Bergmanesque reflection – modern Northern retro films, only a decade away from us, let us glimpse at this problem from a different point of view and time. The Bergmanesque aspect of alienation and expression of feelings is as relevant today as it was fifty years ago. Here, films from different times talking about the fundamentals in life meet. Instead of giving answers, Berg- man rather offers guidance on reflection, building bridges between the classical and modern forms of cinema.

Universal themes run through the programme Crossing Europe presenting feature films. Power, solitude and personality are its main registers. It’s up to you to decide which of the following are closer to your heart – sharp, dissonant, edgy or calm, deep and full of ideas. For the first part we offer films with no limits: Border, Climax, The Guilty, Phoenix, The House That Jack Built, Kuro, DRIB. The hybrid cinema lovers will also be able to choose from another programme of the young eccentrics Whatever Works. The opening film Transit, Cold War, In the Aisles, Sunset, Happy as Lazarro, Lemonade will pay honour to the classical tradition. An impressive debut Blind Spot will make you feel cathartic. In the niche of fun and spirited films – Woman at War, The Trouble With You and Los Bando.

Documentary film mastery in the programme Real Life is represented by a diptych of Margarethe von Trotta’s film Searching for Ingmar Bergman and Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa’s Victory Day. The two films reveal the fake grimaces of the modern patriotism, which are well explained in the atrocious Stalinist chronicles in the film The Trial.

After the appraisal of the short film programme New Baltic Cinema laureates, introduction to Lithuanian film news and revived Lithuanian film archives, for the first time, we will close Scanorama with a Lithuanian documentary – a film codirected by a poetic documentary master Audrius Stonys and Latvian director Kristine Briede Bridges of Time.

A sixteen-year-old Scanorama is waiting for you in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai!


Yours Faithfully,

Gražina Arlickaitė