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European Film Festivals in Unity to Balance Commercial Pressure

European Film Festivals in Unity to Balance Commercial Pressure

The members of European festival network “Moving Images – Open Borders” have recently met during “European Film Festival Palic” in Serbia. “Scanorama” together with six other European film festivals have discussed the means to encourage a broader circulation of European cinema and attract more viewers to the festivals.

“The current situation in film industry dictates a necessary need to unite. In order to make European cinema more available to the viewers and to open the door wider to youth talent, “Scanorama” will build up stronger collaboration with the partners,“ says Grazina Arlickaite, founder and art director of “Scanorama”.

One of the most significant goals of the network is to mentor the new voices and talents by opening the door to the international cinema industry. In addition to that, the spotlight will be aimed at the viewers. The festivals are preparing for joint educational programs, which could motivate the youngest viewers to be more curious about European cinema.

“Approximately 1200 films are produced every year in Europe. Keeping in mind the increasing commercial pressure, this number would not make it to the cinemas, therefore the role of film festivals has become truly important. We will do our utmost to balance out not only the commercialized films but also the commercialized film festivals. We will encourage our viewers to take an interest, understand and fall in love with the European cinema,” G. Arlickaite adds.

Famous actor Brian Cox who has created the titular character in Jonathan Teplitzky’s film “Churchill” (2017) has also visited the festival. During his press conference, he stressed the importance of European film festivals. “Festivals like these are very important. I am certain that the significance of such festivals will continue to grow in this battle against cinema apathy,”  B. Cox positively stated.

The members of “Moving Images – Open Borders”: European Film Forum “Scanorama”, Linz film festival “Crossing Europe” (Austria), “European Film Festival Palic” (Serbia), “Lecce European Film Festival” (Italy), “Film Festival Cottbus” (Germany, “Les Arcs Film Festival” (France) and “Seville Film Festival” (Spain).