Goethe-Schaufenster in SCANORAMA

Goethe-Schaufenster in SCANORAMA

After many years of successful cooperation between Goethe-Institut Vilnius and Scanorama Film Festival, we continue with our new format: the Goethe-Schaufenster. This year, we present eight movies by three generations of directors.

Among those who grew up with the pop culture of the 1980s and 1990s, Christian Petzold stands tall. This year, he gives us his updated contemporary version of Anna Seghers’ novel Transit, which takes place in Europe today. From the younger generation of filmmakers, we will have the outstanding talent of Thomas Stuber and his Berlinale competition fi lm: In den Gängen (In the Aisles).

Among the protagonists of the New German Film, we have someone who was and still is the most successful and artistically most profi led female director: Margarethe von Trotta. Ingmar Bergman once said that her movie Die bleierne Zeit (1981) or translated as Marianne and Julianne in English, has impressed him more than any other movies of his time. Reciprocally, it was Bergman’s masterwork The Seventh Seal which has made Margarethe von Trotta to decide that she wants to become a fi lmmaker. Together with her son Felix Moeller, she is now presenting a fi lmportraiture of Ingmar Bergmann.

The German part of the retrospective about Ingmar Bergman will be Jane Magnusson’s Swedish-German coproduction Bergman: a Year in Life.

Among the guest directors who are currently living and working in Germany, Sergei Loznitsa is one of the most prominent ones. His documentary Victory Day shows the day commemorating the end of World War II at Treptow Park in Berlin, where a Soviet monument still stands. It was recorded on May 9, 2017. This fi lm was premiered in Berlin earlier this year.

With Tom Lass and Roderick Warich, we present two new fi lm talents.

We are looking forward to see you at our Goethe-Schaufenster in 2018!


Detlef Gericke

Director, Goethe-Institut Vilnius