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Ingmar Bergman‘s Retrospective and the Latest Documentary in Scanorama

Ingmar Bergman‘s Retrospective and the Latest Documentary in Scanorama

This year, together with the whole world, European Film Forum Scanorama is commemorating the 100 years of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman‘s birth. As early as mid-summer, during the special screening of Summer with Monika, the founder and art director of the festival Gražina Arlickaitė mentionned that in autumn the viewers will be invited to the retrospective programme of the director.

 “It is hard to imagine the world of cinema without the most merited works of the cinematic philosopher - The Seventh Seal (1957), Wild Strawberries (1957-1958), Persona (1966), Face to Face (1976) and Scenes from a Marriage (1973). More importantly, it is impossible to image it without himself. Next to the recognized films of the director, stand the equally masterful but less acknowledged works. During Scanorama, we will put forward a conceptual picture of this distinctive director with two new documentaries about Bergman’s life, creative work and the director himself,” - Gražina Arlickaitė presents the special programme.

Festival‘s Guest Margarethe Von Trotta: Personnally about Bergman

Every year, Scanorama invites distinguished guests and this year the guest is very special. It is a German director Margarethe von Trotta who will present her latest documentary Searching for Ingmar Bergman. She will be accompanied by her son, also a director and a co-author, Felix Moeller.

The film Searching for Ingmar Bergman starts in 1960, in Paris, where Margarethe von Trotta first saw Ingmar Bergman‘s film; it was Seventh Seal. Later on, the viewer is taken on a journey through various places and cities. Film scenes as well as honesty from family members and his creative work companions make the stories even more powerful. Margarethe von Trotta admits that her idea to make a film about Bergman was not popular in the begining. So many people had done a piece about him! However, the director succeeded in revealing the unheard facts and critics were taken aback by the quantity of before unseen footage of Bergman himself in rehearsals, film shootings and press conferences. In the film, Margarethe von Trotta is interviewing Liv Ullmann (she visited Scanorama in 2012), who took part in eleven of Bergman‘s films, directors Ruben Östlund and Olivier Assayas, son Daniel as well as other well-known people who knew Bergman‘s life and works.

Not All Bergman‘s Films Belauded by Critics

Scanorama will also show a film mentionned by Margarethe von Trotta Seventh Seal (1957) which inspired not only her but also other filmmakers like David Lynch and Woody Allen. It is a phylosophical, full of symbols mystery drama about life and death, God and religion, about the great mysteries of life. The bright-minded philosopher Leonidas Donskis named Seventh Seal as his favourite Bergman‘s film.

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In the festival, the viewers will also have a chance to see a less-known film, forgotten for decades The Touch (1971). It is not a secret, that even the director was not content with the film. At the time, it didn‘t make a great impression on critics either. After it was shown on British TV in 1977, The Touch had been long gone from the big screens. This year, it was digitalized and prepared for the tasting of film conoisseurs again. The Touch is interesting not only because it didn‘t receive any serious attention at the time but also it was the first director‘s film in English as well as the first one that had potential to be called a Hollywood love story. However, no one can deny that it is Bergmanesque.

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Diptych of Married Life: Now and 30 Years Later

Scanorama‘s viewers will be invited to remember a microscopic analysis of two people‘s relationship in film Scenes from a Marriage. It is a story about a supposedly perfect relationship between a man and a woman. He is a psychologist, she is a lawyer. Two specialists of interpersonal relationships are not capable of solving problems of their own. However, even after a divorce their connection is there to stay. “Very often, we don’t manage to fully understand our partners and to use their experiences in a creative way. Bergman manage to do it with me. He stole part of my life and used it for Scenes from a Marriage,”  - stated Liv Ullmann, the leading actress in the film.

In the last Bergman‘s work Saraband, this couple meets after not having seen each another for 30 years. Just like his previous films, this one is unseparable from his alter ego, his muse and partner Liv Ullmann. The stories created by Bergman‘s and Liv Ullmann‘s charachters are also the stories of their own lives.

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European Film Forum Scanorama will take place on November, 8-25, in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai.